James Broughton (1913— )

The Potted Psalm (with Sidney Peterson), 1946,

18.5 minutes

Mother’s Day (1948), 22 minutes

Adventures of Jimmy (1950), 11 minutes

Loony Tom (1951), 10 minutes

Four in the Afternoon (1951), 15 minutes

The Pleasure Garden (1953), 38 minutes

The Bed (1968), 19 minutes

Nuptiae (1969), 14 minutes

The Golden Positions (1970), 32 minutes

This Is It (1971), 9 minutes

Dreamwood (1972), 45 minutes

High Kukus (1973), 3 minutes

Testament (1974), 20 minutes

The Water Circle (1975), 3 minutes

Erogeny (1976), 6 minutes

Together (with Joel Singer), 1977, 3 minutes

Windowmobile (with Joel Singer), 1981, 8 minutes

Song of the Godbody (with Joel Singer), 1977, 11 minutes

Hermes Bird (1979), 11 minutes

The Gardener of Eden (with Joel Singer), 1981, 8 minutes

Shaman Psalm (with Joel Singer), 1981, 8 minutes

Devotions (with Joel Singer), 1983, 22 minutes

Scattered Remains (with Joel Singer), 1988, 14 minutes

First of all, do you believe in Light?

Do you seek the Light? Are you entranced by the Riddle of Lumen? Does the darkening hall give you an expectation of mysteries to be revealed?

Does the sound of the projector and the flicker of focus leader set your nerves into eager anticipation?

Are you willing to accept illumination as the true faith?

Do you want to be enlightened? Do you want to be enlightening? Do you want to join the Order of the Brothers of Light, founded in 1895 by two French brothers aptly named Lumière?

Making Light of It by James Broughton.

City Lights, 1992, p. 21.