Hans Richter (1888-1976)

(this list limited to the 1920s; the dating of films has been revised to take into account recent scholarship)

Rhythmus 21 (1921-28), 3 minutes. In its original, shorter form, this film was titled Film is Rhythm.

Rhythmus 23 (1927-28), 2 minutes.

Rhythmus 25 (1925?), 3 minutes.

Filmstudie (1927-28), 4 minutes.

Inflation (1927-28), Introductory sequence to feature film The Lady with the Mask.

Vormittagsspuk (1927-28), 6 minutes.

Rennsymphonie (1928-29), 5 minutes.

Alles Dreht Sich, Alles Bewegt Sich! (1929), 4 min.

Zweigroschenzauber (Two Pence Magic) (1929), 2 minutes.

The true sphere of the film is that of moving space, moving surfaces, moving lines. This space is not essentially architectonic or essentially plastic but temporal, i.e., through its changes in quality (light, dark, large and small), light forms "light spaces"; these have no volume, they merely transform by effect into space what would be surfaces, lines, dots, if the passage of time were interrupted.

(c. 1921)